Âdïka’s musical story began at the age of eleven, when she entered a singing competition and finished third place. With her fascinating rap and singing vocals combined with dance moves, she brought a new dancehall movement to the entertainment scene. Her first song called “accurate” which went number one on the best radio stations in Suriname in 2013 is the living proof. Shortly after the release of her song she was nominated for the Sranan pokoe Award as best newcomer and won. As time emerged she kept combining dancing, which she was practicing since she was five years old, with her singing and in that order putting down massive performances.

Having various hits like; MUSIC TOONUP, LMLY, WORK FOR IT, RUFF GYALL and others took her from a normal teenager to being a huge inspiration to both kids and adults. As a singer/songwriter, dancer, performer Âdïka is a creative individual who has captivated and astonished many fans from Suriname, The Netherlands, UK and America. From house parties and international events to commercials for big Suriname’s companies she has made her presence count.

She is currently moved to Amsterdam to work on her international music and dancing career.


Her first EP called “EIGHTEEN” is out now.